Easy to get credit. We need to start repair on a bad situation.?

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    My husband has some flaws on his credit report. (scored in poor section) He needs a credit card or store card that is easy to get to try and get a revolving line established. We plan on buying small amounts & paying off each month. Any suggestions for easy to get cards for people w/ poor credit.

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    check them out they might be ablt to help you, they did a great job on my credit!!!!

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    Get a sercured card to build your credit up after you paid each month they well hike it up

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    Hi, Go to and apply. They are willing to give cards to people that have had trouble. You may have to pay a fee and the balance will be low to start, but it’s a good way to start reestablishing yourself. Good luck to you.

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    easiest way to do this is save up a thousand dollars and go get a secured credit card for 500 dollars, then make small purchases on this, and pay it off in full as soon as bill is received. will take a year to begin to build credit back up. also when a monthly bill comes in add five or ten dollars to it, on top of amount owed. that way if in six months down the road you have a cash flow problem you have the funds there so that it does not affect your credit rating

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    You should be able to secure a credit card even with somewhat poor credit.

    Check out and search under “poor credit” cards. Don’t apply to cards that ask for good credit. You will see a rating next to each card.

    Repairing your credit will take a while, so be patient, and don’t open too many new cards. Just one or two to get started, and don’t close them. Keep them current, paid, and open and your credit will begin to rise.

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