East Richmond Hills?

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    We are hoping to buy soon, but not in any incredible rush. If the right home pops up, great – if not, we will wait and keep saving up.* At the same time, we have been renting for a really long time, and the temptation to buy already is very strong!


    We’ve been looking at homes since the beginning of the year, and have seen a whole bunch.

    One we like happens to be in the East Richmond Hills.

    It’s a great deal, although it certainly needs some (cosmetic) work – and has a breathtaking view.


    Any thoughts about this neighborhood?*

    Any big concerns about being in an unincorporated part of a city?

    Would this be a house that we’d never be able to sell in the future? (not that we plan to move any time soon, but just wondering)


    Seems like the crime rate is*low, comparable to El Cerrito and Albany.

    We don’t have kids, so we’re not very concerned about school districts, although from what I understand, this part of Richmond shares schools with El Cerrito.

    And, did I mention the VIEW? Better than many homes we checked out in the EC Hills.


    We hesitate to pull the trigger on this house because of the stigma attached to Richmond. But, aside from the elbow grease it needs to make it our own, that is really it.


    Thanks for reading this! And thanks in advance for any responses.


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