does Orchard Bank Credit Card really report to all 3 reporting agency?

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      I have recently applied for a orchard secured credit…my goal is to build my credit. my credit history is currenly limited. has any used/ or ever had a orchard credit card??? if so what were you experiences??

      Thanks to everyone who answers

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      Yes, Orchard Bank supplies credit cards to people with no or bad credit, and they do report to all three credit bureaus. It’s a great way to get your credit back if you have no other option, but if you don’t have bad credit (i.e. you haven’t ever missed a payment, or you’ve never taken out credit before) you might want to join a credit union in your area. They are more willing to give credit out these days, and you won’t have to pay the outrageous annual fees that Orchard Bank cards are asking for. They might even give you an unsecured credit line.

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      You may as well wait now since you are too late for the rebate for you or the purchaser of your house.

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      It’s a good time to sell if
      *homes in your neighborhood are selling quickly at a good price.
      *you want to move up to another house,
      *you have quite low expectations about the selling price.
      *you don’t need much cash out in order to buy another home.
      * it will be better for your family to move elsewhere.

      It is a bad time to sell if
      *you want to make top dollar on the sale
      *your home is not the best one in the neighborhood
      *you are underwater on your mortgage

      So as you can see, each homeowner’s individual needs will determine if it is time to sell.
      Just be forewarned: It is very much a buyer’s market and buyers want a bargain home in perfect condition.
      Expect many low ball offers, and a lot of negotiation.

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      First of all you should take the time to see a local mortgage banker/broker to see if you can get pre-approved for the amount of home you wish to purchase.

      This person will require a couple of w-2, a month of pay stubs from each person that will be signing for the mortgage loan. There will be other items necessary, but the loan officer will give you a list of those items.

      Once you are pre-approved you will then know how much house you are authorized to purchase based on your income and ratios. This would make your husband less apprehensive about the purchase of your new home.

      Once this has been done you might consider speaking with your real estate agent to find out the marketing plan, time on the market, price and other things you would need to know about the sale of your current houses.

      It might be difficult to determine if your in a place to sell your house as all markets were not hit the same way. In some areas the property value went down, while in other areas the value of the property values were not affected.

      So the time to sell would be based on several factors that your real estate agent would be knowledgeable of.

      I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

      “FIGHT ON”

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