Does my sister have a problem? Or are my parents paranoid?

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    My sister graduated college a year ago with a low gpa and biology major. She wants to be a pharmacist but if struggling to get into grad school. So she is getting her MBA for now at a business school. She just started school, but for a year now, shes been living at home, and she goes out almost every night. Wether shes at a friends, or her friends are at our house, or shes at philly in a club, or in Miami vacationing with friends. She has a lame minimum wage job at a pharmacy, and has been draining my parents money. She totaled her car and now is driving mine, so I cannot drive to school my senior year. She has lost her expensive smart phone in philly twice now which finishes her insurance on it. She has even got caught for public intoxication in philly a couple months back. She is getting out of hand, but whenever we tell her, she freaks out and says its all our parents fault for being too paranoid. She had an ex boyfriend who was on drugs, and I think that he has turned her into this mess. But she denies it. My mom cries alot saying that shes scared that one day my sister will go out to philly or anywhere, and god forbid never come back. She needs to focus on school now. Like her college years are done. Shes 23, shes a big girl now she needs to grow up some time soon. I think my sister is an alcoholic bcuz she is out constantly, and even brought alchol out for her friends infront of my 10 year old brother. I’m 17 btw! My parents hate when she goes out ALL the time..once in a while is fine.. and always bug her for it. They think she has a problem, but my sister always brings excuse to go out like “ohh my friends leaving so i wanna go see her before” or “its her birthday” or “its teh last weekend of summer” or “i start school so I wanna hangout with friends as much as I can before” …school has started and she is STILL going out every other night. Whos right? My parents or my sister? I am stuck in between this huge mess and I cant take it anymore..idk who or what to beleive…

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