Does it bother you when your neighbor copies your landscaping ideas?

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    I know some people say that imitation is the highest form or flattery or why should it bother me because I don’t have a patent on the style, but it does. My copycat neighbor across the street has a bigger house than ours–one of the nicest on the block (no big deal). Our builder had a natural looking fountain professionally installed before we bought the home. It sets our home apart from all the others and it gives our home its own individuality. This year I put spiral trees in two concrete pots on each side of our front door. Now these neighbors then bought bigger spirals and put them on each side of their front door. I took my spirals out and put in palms. We’re in the midwest, so it is not something you see everyday–original. The neighbor walks across the street to our front entry area, landscaper in tow. They were looking at our fountain. Now they’re having a fountain just like ours (only bigger) installed in the middle of their front lawn with real 7′ palms. WTH?!?
    I forgot to mention our home was designed to look like a lodge home from Colorado. It is very “resortish” looking. We have the natural fountain, landscaping beds around the home that have large boulder-type stones wedged in between leafy plants for a natural appearance to go with the fountain. I After they first moved in they had a landscaper come in and create a natural looking landscaping bed where they are NOW doing the fountain. They had the same boulder-type stones brought in and wedged between their plants as well. So this is actually the third copy of our landscaping. I guess the second one will be a combo of the stones, fountains and palms so they can “have it all” (our style).
    One more PS:
    she had the exact flowers (same flowering plant) on top of my fountain put in batches around through the bed.
    Oh for Pete’s sake-the third bed will be the combo. frustrated.

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