does anyone know any good credit repair services?

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    i have really bad credit and i wanna fix my credit.i cannot get a cell phone with my bad credit or a does anyone know any good and low cost credit repair services.plz answer my question.

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    What you need to do is work on paying off your debts, and making sure you pay your bills on time. That is the only way to repair your credit. Most of the companies that say they can reduce what you owe, etc… just completely ruin your credit, so you might owe them less, but your credit is trash. Unfortunately it cannot be done overnight, and it will take a while before your credit is completely repaired. You should be able to get a cell phone, but you might be required to give the carrier a deposit. So pay your bills on time, pay off your debts. If you have credit cards, pay them off, or transfer the balance to a card with a really low interest rate, but do not close the cc accounts if they have a balance.

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    Yoko is on the right track, I do credit repair part time, help my friends get straight on their credit reports. Anyone that does make you pay up front, without a consultation, or does not suggest how you could clean up your report yourself is probably not a good source to use. Start with getting your credit report at, you can mail off for all three copies using one form. It takes about 10 days if you have not received a report within the last 12 months. Start with the smallest report and go from there, get dispute letters on line for free and fill in the blanks. It could take up to 6 months to really breakthrough on your credit report, be persistent, send all letters certified mail and make sure the credit bureaus help you out.

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    check this web site for help and

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    All these so called credit repair places do is dispute any and all negative items on your credit report in hopes that the agency will not be able to verify the debt hence it getting deleted from your credit file. You can do that yourself for free.

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    Try some non-profit credit counseling agencies such as Consumer Credit Counseling Services, CreditGUARD of America, American Debt Solutions, etc.

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    He should follow the dispute and validation process first. It may be an honest mistake if they have the same name.

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    The first thing he needs to do is add a Fraud Alert to all three bureaus. He will have to start the process of disputing these items with the creditors directly. The mortgage company should have the address of the lien they are reporting. Then get an attorney to finish off the job.

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    First, if you suspect his father is at fault here, you need to just ask him point blank. If you begin with the identity theft procedure you are going to get his father in a bunch of trouble. Give him a chance to fix this on his own.

    Otherwise…there is a very specific procedure that you MUST follow. If you do everything I tell you, his credit will be fixed within a few months. Note that he may have to get rough with some creditors in order to fix his credit.

    1) Go to and read this file. It discusses the identity theft procedures, and this site contains a sample affidavit that you need to fill out and get notarized. You will need a few copies.

    2) File a police report for identity theft. This is more a formality since rarely will the police lift a finger to investigate anything, but without the report you can’t proceed with cleaning your credit.

    3) Contact one of the credit bureaus and file an identity theft fraud report. They will contact the other credit bureaus, and all of them will place a fraud alert on your report.

    4) As part of this procedure, they will send you a free copy of your credit report. Examine it carefully for any accounts that do not belong to you.

    5) File a dispute with each credit bureau on every incorrect item.

    6) Send a demand to validate letter to each creditor who posted inaccurate info on your report. You will probably have to also send them a letter stating the account is not yours, and include a copy of an affidavit and police report. At this point they MAY investigate the ID theft, but you will not be informed of any results.

    Note: You can call the creditors at this point and inform them the account is not yours. They should close these accounts immediately. But you still need to send them the certified letter to prove you contacted them. Failure to do so will delay fixing your credit by a couple of months.

    7) Document everything. Send all letters by certified mail/return receipt. If you talk to anyone on the phone, keep a log of who and when you talked. This is EXTREMELY important, because without this proof you will not be able to use any legal power to force creditors to fix your credit.

    8) Finally…you may find a creditor who will not cooperate. They will insist that this is your debt, and it’s up to you to prove otherwise. Sorry, but in this country that is now how the game works.

    I had this very same thing happen a few years ago to me. I followed the rules, but one creditor wouldn’t delete the negative item on my report. I had to sue them under the FCRA, and won $ 1200 for my troubles.

    Trust me, the system will work for you but you MUST document everything…and be patient. It’s going to take a few months but it will be fixed.

    Contact me if you need help.

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