Does an address change effect your credit score?

Tips and Deals Forums Improving Your Credit Score Does an address change effect your credit score?

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    If someone has had their address the same for 7 years and then moves, will that effect their credit score? Please provide proof of your answer.

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    No. I’ve moved a number of times. Sometimes the credit bureau didn’t even update the address.

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    The obvious reason – you will sell at a huge discount. They will only buy homes that have equity in them – do you have 25-30% or more? If not, fuggedaboutit…..

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    They will only give about 50% of the appraised value.

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    Funny you should use those terms as most are professional con men. You can sell a house in a day by owner with a sign in the yard if listed at what they will pay. Many of those people are seminar junkies that have no money because Ron Legrand and others like him fleeced them out of it.

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    Pro: It sells fast

    Con: It sells for about half of real market value.

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