Do soldiers get Thanksgiving off during BFT training at Fort Leonard Wood?

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    Even if they don’t get to go home, I want to know how many days they get off or don’t count. BFT training is supposed to last eight days (or so I heard) and I want to know how many more it will be since he will be there for Thanksgiving too. Please let me know! The army doesn’t do the best job at informing about these things.

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    I remember training being so harsh that I received a broken cheekbone and had to have my Thanksgiving dinner thru a glass straw, and no you do not get Thanksgiving off, but they will probably offer you a decent meal at that time. In all the time I was in I never was offered any fresh greens, no salads of any kind, certainly no fresh veg tables or fruits even during the holidays, but things must have changed since then,only canned foods. Give me a bible I swear not once did I ever get a meal with fresh vegetables or fruit in it,only canned food. I always heard the Navy had the best food, and they could eat at any time of day or night and eat as much as they wished. You had to eat at the Mess hall only when it was open and they barely offered a full plate not that you would have wanted more anyway. They had congressional committees asking why they were serving meat with metal filings in it and rancid butter to Army personnel. I was once served some K-rations cans and the dates on the can were 1948 and they expected us to eat it or go without. Officers mess was always very different from the enlisted man’s mess.

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    i went to ft lost in the woods for basic and ait and the only thing we got for thanksgiving was better food. which we had to pay for right after we ate it(push-ups sit-ups). not time off though

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    no just christmas.

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    WTF jake, My dad went to Vietnam and he got better treatment than that. I think your exaggerating a bit.

    The won’t get anytime off, just a better meal than normal.

    When I went through basic training for the Army and Navy (yes I’ve done both) we had plenty of cooked food and salads with vegetables for everyone on a everyday basis.

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