Do secured credit cards help your credit score?

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    I am 34 and have never had credit. I am interested in getting a secured credit card to build up my 0 beacon score. Has anyone had one and has it helped your credit in any way? Any advice would be great!!

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    It’s a start. Buy some jewelry – finance half of it. Pay it off early. You can build up your credit and get a non secured card pretty easily. Even if it only has a few hundred limit it’s ok.

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    Yes they do help your credit, that’s the main reason people get them. You would have a hard time getting a normal credit card without a credit history, but either type of card, secured or unsecured will help get you there. Just keep you balance paid down and don’t let it revolve.

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    yep, its a perfect way to begin to build your credit and will eventually lead to other non secured offers

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