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      I recently disputed two credit cards that are not mine. They were charged off in 2006 and sold to LVNV Funding. LVNV opened this collection a few months ago. I have no knowledge of these credit cards. I never gave my consent to anyone to open these accounts in my name. The results of my Experian dispute says ‘Processed’. I looked at the updated credit report and LVNV updated my account. What should I do now? The OC is First Premier Bank. I never signed my name to anything saying I was responsible. I am very discouraged. I disputed several other accounts and they were removed. Should I write a DV letter or should I wait until they contact me? These accounts are due to come off in 2013. I’m planning to buy a home and I’m trying to clean up my credit. One more question….I paid nine collection accounts in full. All but two were removed. I’m trying to get the other two removed. All of them but one were medical. One was an AT&T cell phone bill. After paying these accounts my score was brought down 70 points. Will my score go up any now that these are removed? I know it may take several months. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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