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    So I was dining at a restaurant with my family from out of town and the service was quite horrid.* However, because our party was larger than 8, the restaurant automatically included an 18% gratuity on the bill.* Naturally, this upset me because I almost feel like they treated us lousy simply because they knew they would have an automatic tip coming.* When the bill came, I paid for it with my new Amex Blue Cash Everyday card, but on the receipt I wrote “horrible service, no gratuity included” and simply wrote the amount of the bill less the automatic gratuity on the total line.* Of course, when I saw the charge on my Amex account for the full amount of the bill plus the gratuity, I immediately felt like disputing it with Amex.* However, I have only been an Amex customer for 4 months now, so I was wondering if this would raise any flags with them if I do decide to dispute.* Does anyone have any experience with this?

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