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    Well I took a step forward on fixing my credit report today. Several, actually. Had great success calling for a GW adjustment with Cap1 for an 18-month old 30 day late. Might as well keep rollin’. This letter went to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage today via fax. After disputing a 30 day late with them several years ago, EX and XQ show clear, but TU does not. I called first to see if they would correct it. No dice. They said it had to be in writing, but they were happy to provide the fax # and address. Here’s the letter. Critiques welcome just in case this one doesn’t work and in case the next guy wants to do it better:

    ATTN: Purged Loans Credit Corrections
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
    3476 Stateview Blvd
    Fort Mill, SC 29715
    Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    This is a Notice of Direct Dispute under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)((D) and 16 CFR 660.4, of the accuracy of information you have reported to my credit file.
    *Identification of the specific information being disputed:
    ********* *This letter refers to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage account #XXXXXXXXXXX.*
    On my TransUnion credit report dated 30 July 2012, your company is reporting that I paid 30 days late in February 2007. I am writing to dispute this derogatory information and request that you immediately notify all three credit agencies to remove this derogatory information from my credit report.
    Basis for the dispute:
    *********** At the time of the alleged late payment, I did not live at, legally own, nor have any* legal nor financial interest in the real property that this mortgage is attached to (XXXXXX Street, XXXXXXX City, XX XXXXX). I have been legally divorced from the joint account holder (maiden name XXXXXXXXX) since August of 2006, and a legally binding quit claim deed on this property pursuant to that divorce decree was in effect as of January 2007. At this time, Miss XXXXX assumed all responsibility for this property and mortgage.
    Supporting documentation:
    *********** Attached you will find a copy of said Quit Claim Deed dated 19 January 2007, notarized and filed with the State of XXXXXXXX. The quit claim is legal and binding and was in effect prior to the alleged late payment. I believe this evidence clearly shows that I was not legally in control of the property nor the mortgage.
    Finally, I am asking you to personally consider the effect this derogatory information is having on my ability to get a new mortgage at a fair rate and move on with my life. Please carefully consider this letter and attached supporting evidence. Please have compassion for my situation and help me repair my credit by removing this derogatory information from my credit report. I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to a positive response.
    With Sincere Thanks,*
    Pray for positive results! I know I am.

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