Did President Bill Clinton Hide Government Debt & Bankrupt SSI?

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    After doing some extensive research, BILL CLINTON DOES NOT REDUCE NATIONAL DEBT DURING HIS PRESIDENCY. What he did was hide it and put if off the books. He borrowed very ehavily from Social securit trust funds so much that the only things are left are a special form of IOUs similar but not indentical to those the treeasury issue to borrow money from china. Now, the first 30,000 has went to the first 90,000 to cover a SSI future obligations.

    On top of that, even though the national debt went down to 5 trillion, the hidden liabilities of future SSI, healthcare, military, and all other services was about 6 TIMES THAT FIGURE AND TODAY, IT IS STILL SO at an estimated 100 trillion.

    So why do people credit clinton with reducing national debt. He just hid the massive debt like a brillian sophisticated accoutning and did not count borrowing from government funds as part of the FAKE SURPLUS HE CLAIMED.

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