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      I told my mom that my uncle had his ex-girlfriend in the back with him. My mom don’t want her on this property, due to the fact all the drama she has caused. When she was staying here, the police was called about 5 times in one month. It had got so bad til the point where my uncle had put her hands on her. Now he in $ 5,000 debt, because he has to pay court fees and for anger management classes. My uncle and his girlfriend been together over a little 7 years. She’s a crack head. Every time when she gets out of jail, she’ll stay clean for a minute but go back to smoking and that’s when the drama starts. My uncle doesn’t smoke that stuff. My uncle says he through with her. But he keep going backwards. She’ll never change. She also prostitute her body for money to buy crack. I don’t see no changing in her. We’re tired of calling the police and everything dealing with their drama. We can end up loosing our house because of them, but they don’t get it. This morning my mom told my uncle she want that lady of her property or else she’s going to put him out. Well he hasn’t put her off the property yet. My mom told him this since 7 am here it is 10.55 am. I don’t want my uncle to think my boyfriend told. I was the one that told. Like i said we are tired of dealing with their drama and we’re not trying to loose our house because of it.

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