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      On average, how much should a deep cleaning proceedure run?

      I recently went to a new dentist for a check up and cleaning. When i got there the dentist looked at my teeth and showed me some staining (cigarettes) on the back of my bottom teeth. She didn’t even scrape the stain off, just left it there and asked if i’ve ever been probed. I told her no so she starting checking my gums with the measuring tool relaying to her assistant each time with the number of deepness. I had mostly 3’s and 4’s. some 2’s and 1’s. possibly a 6. Either way, she didn’t even care about me, my teeth, or what i needed. I probably need a deep cleaning but since that’s all she pushed on me i started to wonder. Especially since the room i got treated in was flooded with gum disease posters. I’m going to get a second opinion but thought i’d see if someone could shed some light on the standard price for this treatment.

      This is what they quoted me for the deep cleaning…

      Before insurance $ 8000.00 +

      After insurance $ 1800.00 +

      Isn’t this a little high?!

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