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    I am being sued fo a debt that I owed dated back in 2005, I seeked the help of a financial consultant recently and was advised by them that they can help me with a settlement with the attorney office to about 80-90% of my debt. The only set back is that I have to pay them 1K for their service. Please advise if I should settle my debt in court or go through with the financial consultant company and get this over with? My court date is set in May but till now I have not received a summons from anyone. Supposedly they said that they had tried to reach me at my house but couldn’t find me. Is there any way that I reach them to get my summons mail to me or I can pick up myself. I don’t want them to go to my work. Is it eve possible for me to contact the attorney office and negotiate myself? Pls help!!!!!!!!!! thank you all!!!
    I owe the cc company right now $ 2090. The financial consultant is asking for $ 1000. They told me plus everything I probably would owe the attorney around $ 1500 additional to my debt. That would means I would be pay around $ 3500. The consultant told me he can get me to pay around $ 2800 or $ 3100 as an out of court settle. of course not including their 1k service fee. I am just not sure what I should do…..Should I go to court and ask for a monthly installment since each month what I have left is only about $ 300 max. Should I go with the expert and get this over with? Or should I contact the law office and negotiate for an out of court settlement directly? thank you for your reply btw.
    thanks all for your help. Well I did went to court and ask about the case…the clerk told me someone tried to drop off the summons to my house but they couldn’t reach me, I assuming I was at work…anyhow, I asked her who issued and deliver the summons..court or the attorney office, and she told me that the attorney office. I manage to borrow some money, and well I contacted the attorney office and they’re willing to settle my debt for 69% of it…I managed to borrow some money from a friend because I just want to get this over with and not deal with the law. Well, I paid off and they said they would drop all charges and such….I got a settlement letter from them and I’ve checking to see if my case has been dismissed but it still show pending…so Im going to continue to check and hound them day and night if my case does not get dismiss…LORD…one big lesson to learn…thanks all!!!

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