Debit card info stolen and used to buy itunes online?

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      My husand and I are having a bank account issue regarding debit cards.
      We have an itunes account but we use the gift cards for our accounts.
      On our statement (bank account, Key Bank, Alaska) we noticed itunes purchases?
      He is leaving Alaska soon to Idaho with me. We changed debit card and got a new card. Not even a month into the card another purchase was made?? With his barely new debit card? He works at a restaurant than he has been working for nearly 5 years and work is really bad he is leaving. We have lost nearly 500 dollars to Itunes in the past 2 months!! WTF!! We are changing his debit card again!! What are some things I can do because I don’t have this problem what so ever. We currently have different accounts. We are confused>? He is fighting with the bank. Itunes won’t do anything cuz you have to get a subpoena for the person using the account but he is moving to Idaho in a little over a week what is the best solution to get his money back in case the bank wont??

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