Credit score lowered after bankruptcy erased?

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    It’s been 7 years, the bankruptcy has been removed, but the credit score went down from 666 to 620, why? Shouldn’t it have gone up? I want to purchase a house, and have been waiting for this for 7 years!

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    Sorry Sir regular negative items erase after 7 years but bankruptcy and home foreclosure take **10** years so you gotta wait..that’s why your score hasn’t improved yet

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    That should not have happened.
    Is there anything else on your credit reports?
    Did you start applying for new credit recently?
    (this can seriously ding a credit score).
    Do you have current credit cards? Did you start running up balances on them?
    If you have a credit card, make sure you pay it in full each month. No games.
    This is a must if you want a home in the future

    Something else you did on one of your reports damaged that rating.
    Not the bankruptcy dropping off

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    Any insurance agent will sell you homeowners insurance. The first place you should start is with the company that provides your auto insurance. In most cases they will offer milti policy discounts if you have both policies on one account. Other than that, you probably just look in your phone book and start calling.

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    You should still be able to get a home loan with a 620 score through FHA. Talk to a mortgage office. By the way your credit score can go up and down almost everyday. There is also a difference between FICO score and scores issued through the creditt bureau. They have different ranges. A FICO score can go highe, so it may depend on the source in which you obtained you score.

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