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    Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s Credit Karma, but I signed up this morning just for kicks and just wanted to see my report (Don’t care for the FAKO).
    It’s reporting an “accurate” balance on one of my cards. But it’s not reporting two of them. The balance is actual AFTER having two new cards, both from early March.
    So it only shows my two revolving credit lines from MBNA and Chase, but AMEX and Discover are nowhere to be found.
    So right now, I have no clue what my actual AAOA is, what my real utilization looks like, and a few other things as well… just because of that.
    Is the lag time for a new account on this over 2 months? It definitely should have picked up new accounts by NOW.
    Then again, it’s free… what could I expect?

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