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      So I had two collections with CCS, one paid from 2006 and one not paid from 2007. I GW for the paid collection to some emails I found through Linkedin. Never heard back from any of them, but within a week the collection was removed from my TU report, followed by a letter from CCS saying it has been returned to the OC and they have requested the deletion. TU is the only Credit report reporting these collections. So now I decide to press my luck and email, to the same people, a PFD for 50% of the amount owed. Two days go by and I get an email from a Senior VP from CCS asking for a phone number and best time to be reached and he would have one of his associates call me about my request. I can see in his email that it was forwarded by one of the people I emailed. My question is should I provide them my phone #? I dont want to get harassed by them if they dont agree to PFD. The collection is scheduled to be removed 03/2014.

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