Credit Card with instant approval. Is there one with same day use?

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    I have an important birthday coming up that I have to purchase gifts for. I make a number of my purchases online, and I recently decided in order to better keep track of my spending online, which is where I make the most purchases, I want to use a new card and only use it for online purchasing.
    I have great credit, and wanted to know if anyone knew of a card that would allow me to start using it online when I am approved? If not I will have to order a new card and wait for it to be mailed, but I would rather apply for one I can start using now, since I will be getting a new card for this matter no matter the case.
    Thank You.

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    I dont think those kind of credit cards exist anymore.

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    I think sometimes capital one letsyou see what your credit card number will be for instant use but when i got mine it was a few years ago and i got it from a mail offer and had to put my code in online and it told me my acct number and credit limit. usually store credit cards like walmart/target/bestbuy will let you use it same day if you apply in store you just have to give them your ID and they look up the account.

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    your debit card does not affect your score as it comes from your banked money and not borrowed money. a credit card is a line of credit and when you repay it improves your good standing which is rated,giving you a credit score.

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