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      I’m in a position where i’m trying to get into a new job that requires a secret clearance with a government contractor. I’ve read a fair amount about how credit factors into this and i’ve had ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ on my feelings about whether or not my credit is going to bar me from getting my dream job.

      In anticipation of this I pulled my free report and reviewed it a bit. I found a few things that suprised me including the fact that my score has gone up in the past couple years, but a number of negative items are showing on my report.

      My question is this: I have 2 debts that were sent to collections but haven’t been ‘reported on’ in some time (over 2 1/2 years on one and about 8 months on another). I didn’t even know I had these debts until I pulled the report – are these going to effect my clearance?

      I have one other collection for a ridiculous amount (30$ ) that I intend to pay immeditately.

      I also have some current debts in good standing (car payment, credit card) and some accounts that were delinquent years ago, but were paid off.

      My other background information is clean.

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