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    is it best to make monthly full payment or short monthly payment?

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    google the name of the company you plan to do business with followed by the word
    scam, ripoff, complaint
    If the company website has the word negotiation – run away.

    The best thing is to try to do this yourself first.
    Get a book called credit repair for dummies at your local bookstore.
    It will tell you how to negotiate with the companies yourself.
    $ 20 – well worth the cost.

    There are also (free of cost), consumer credit councelling places. Look in your local phone book. Not on the net.

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    I don’t know the best, but what ever you do, don’t go to Consumer Credit Counseling! They screwed me over years ago and it took a long time, and a bankruptcy, before I got it straightened out.

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    they are companies that you can look to for assistance. look for one that is a non profit and licensed in your state.

    you can check with your states attorney general for a listing

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    Hi there, the best way is to find a lower interest loan to pay your debts off, then you are left with the lower interest loan to pay.
    If it is FIXED interest rates and LOWER, you are sorted.
    Well, I mean better off than now as you’ll be paying less interests.
    Usually credit cards interests are quite high so they are fairly easy to beat. Not so with student loans.
    I know a legit loan place you might try it worked for me.
    You can check them out if you want, they are part of the American Bankers Association, see the ABA site entry for “Credit Solutions” at

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