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    Similar to many of you, I have been saddled with a Capital One “platinum” card with a high interest rate and low credit line.* I have had it since 2006, and for the first couple years I made some CL pogress ($500 to $3000).* For the last year, year and a half, it has been suck at $3K, no rewards, and high interest.* Once in a while a decent BT offer came around (only “decent” when considering no BT fee… was never 0%).

    Well, I have opened a number of prime accounts in the last two years, and for the 5th time decided to give*Cap1 a chance to retain my business.* After routinely checking online for “features” available on my account (was always a negative, ghost-rider), I called in yesterday determined to ge a higher CL, lower APR, or rewards.* (no AF, so I’m not going to close it, I just want to have a reason to USE it).* Well, after talking to a front-line CSR, then an account supervisor, then an “account benefits representative,” I was able to add cash rewards (with the 50% year-end bonus) to my existing card.* Would not budge on APR or CL, so it’s still pretty useless to me, but I figured I would share with all the other frustrated Cap1 cardholders that it MAY be worth it to call in and speak with someone regarding some kind of perk for having a relatively crappy card.


    As always, YMMV, and best of luck!

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