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    Good Afternoon All!
    I am sooo excited about my progress today I thought I would share. I have been feeling really discouraged lately about my credit repair as I have not been seeing the results that I need. I logged back in after a few month hiatus and read some of the success stories that others are having and decided to take another stab at the paid collections that are being reported. This morning I sent an email to 4 higher-ups at Cox Communications about an old bill of $112.51 that I allowed to hit my reports irresponsibly, (I have done this once before with no response) and I just got a call back from the head of the credit department apologizing for this inconvenience and telling me this is first priority and being handled as we speak. He wished me good luck on my house hunt and gave me a direct email and phone number to himself and his assistant if it is not handled by the end of the week. I am SOOOO excited so I am back on my path!
    Thanks for the motivation everyone and good luck!

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