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    So, my husband had a capital one card with a $300 limit. We had it maxed out. With late fees and such I believe it is around $600. I lost my job 3 years ago, and my unemployment ran out a while back. I was working for a bit, but because my husband has crazy hours I had to quit. We couldn’t afford a babysitter (they would have made more than me). Anyway, we could no longer afford the payments, mainly because we missed one payment and our minimum payment skyrocketed. I now received a notice from an investigation company stating it is regarding a Court Order, and that we need to call they so they can deliver it to us. Wouldn’t a court order require already going to court? We never received a summons. They have our old address at my in-laws, and they never gave us anything regarding a summons. I would assume they would have to give it directly to my husband, correct? We live in Wisconsin. I am planning on calling the investigation company tomorrow to find out the details. I am also wondering if this person is allowed to give any details to anyone other than my husband? My brother-in-law called earlier today, because he thought it was for my father-in-law who is not able to call himself. He gave a few more details than I thought would be legal. I know I can’t even get my husband’s bank balance on his personal account, and we are married. I’m just looking for some advice on what I should do. If it already went to court I am worried they will start taking it out of my husbands wages, which we cannot afford.
    I did a search on our state website. There is a small claims hearing for my husband on the 20th of April. It is from Capital One. We are going to call and try to settle. Now that the weather is good, my husband has been getting some pretty good overtime. I think we will be able to pay enough for them to drop it. And we have learned from our mistakes. We no longer use credit. We have a prepaid debit card so we can’t even use overdraft protection.

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