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      I took out a consolidation loan several years ago.* When I got it the company paid off three other accounts (from three different banks/creditors).* Despite the fact that they showed cancelled checks for all three other creditors, only one of them claimed to have been paid.* After months of re-requesting the records be sent to the other creditors and still not getting anywhere, I quit making any effort to fix this situation (which was bad, I know).* These two accounts continued to accrue late payments, etc… and were eventually sent to collections.* One is currently in court.* Due to my extreme frustration with the consolidation company, I chose to stop paying them (again, a poor choice).* This account has gone into collection and now as well.* I contacted them about the situation and they weren’t terribly helpful, citing that the account had been sent off to collections.* Furthermore, they say that the records for the original loan are in the records department and are not easily accessed.
      My question is how do I get copies of the cancelled checks to confirm that those old accounts were indeed originally paid by the consolidation company/get those two situations in collection resolved? And since it was not an error on my part, can I get those collection statements removed from my credit report once they are resolved?

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