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    I’m fairly new at this, but I’m trying to build my credit up. I found out I have a bill in collections from late 2010. The collections company is “online collections”? I spoke to them today. They are NOT willing to remove it from my credit report. They told me it is against the fair credit act? to remove it from my report.. They said they will update it to paid in full, but refused to give me that in writing. In the middle of my “debate” another guy cut in and said he was monitoring the call and asked what I wanted. I explained I wanted them to remove it and same response. As well as a letter saying they would update it as paid in full. Then I told him I wanted to call my financial advisor (you guys) and he told me if we got off the phone then they wouldn’t accept payments. I told him that basically he was telling me that I couldn’t pay it because I don’t have the 450cash to pay it in full. They were only willing to let me brake it down into 3 payments. That would be damn near impossible since I had to wipe out my account last week for a new transmission.
    My question is can he do this? Can they refuse (claim its illegal) to remove it from credit report? What are my options?

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