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    I had a medical collection account show up on my credit report. *I have proof I paid the bill, but I went ahead and paid the stupid thing because we are in the process of applying for an SBA loan and the CA assured me they would delete it as soon as payment was made and I could recover directly from the urgent care. I figured it would be faster and the amount was small. So the week I paid it it updated to a PAID COLLECTION, but did not delete. That was 23 days ago. I have called the CA twice and they assured me they submitted it for deletion but it takes up to 45 days for the agencies to update. The problem is, they did update it as paid so if the CA honestly submitted it for deletion why wouldn’t it just have deleted? He claims it is common for it to update paid first, then delete. Is this true?


    I never received a letter of payment confirmation or deletion from them so I called again today and asked for a letter stating they submitted it for deletion so I can provide it with my credit application. He tells me a paid in full letter can be sent so I ask him again to make sure it is a deletion letter, not a letter stating it was paid in full. He responds if you are unhappy with the wording of the letter you can have the lender call me. I have a bad feeling that they are jacking me around now. I cannot believe it takes this long to fix an error.*

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