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    I have a huge problem. I had a credit card that went into collections. a $ 200 limit. The company I worked for while I had this card moved to Tennessee so I couldn’t pay this in time. It went to NCO Financial which is the worst collection agency it could have possibly gone to. Just google it and just the feedback alone is enough to make you distgusted. Well anyways, I got terrible harrassing phone calls and a woman that told me I was a bad mother for having a debt in collections and so forth. Her abusive call was the last time I heard from NCO last year. As of August, I found out I had identity theft and to make an extremely long story short, the employee of NCO Financial that told me I was a bad mother, etc. stole my identity. She rented apartments, opened up phone lines and other credit accounts. I’m working with the authorities where I’m located as well as where she is located, but it’s been taking an extremely long time to get her prosecuted. I have to wait to hear from the state she’s in. I received a letter in the mail today from Wyse Financial wanting to collect this bill and I don’t know whether to pay it because it’s my accumulated interest or if I should be entitled to not pay it because the woman from NCO stole my information and hurt my credit even more this way. What would you do? Wyse Finanacial is owned by NCO Financial or vise versa and I don’t trust any collection agency. I tried to talk to Wyse Financial and discuss the issues, but she lied to me and said she was management and tried to tell me I had no identity theft because her computer could see everywhere my social security number was used and she said it was never used outside of my town. I knew she was lying because she wasn’t very bright. Should I pay this bill, I don’t trust any agency now because of what happened?

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