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      …agreement back with a signitaure? I sent out a Debt Settlement Letter, and an agreement attached (contract). The debt settlement letter pretty much stated I wanted to settle for $####.##. I attached an agreement to it stating that if they agree to accept my payment in full, they would also report it to experian, equifax, and transunion. I signed the agreement (asked them to sign and sent back) and kept a copy at home as well. Isn’t that the point of an AGREEMENT!?

      Well good news and bad….They agreed to settle for my amount. But they didn’t send my agreement back with a signature. All they did was send me a letter saying they agree to settle for the amount as paid in full. They didn’t write the account # on it anywhere. They just said “The account will be paid in full” there’s a signature at the bottom.

      I’m just so confused because they didn’t really agree to my “contract” This is all so bittersweet. I don’t want them to have the ability to screw me over in the end!!! I mean, I screwed myself over anyways but I want to be able to have proof.
      Trust me even though I owe the debt, I still have rights. And debt collection agencies tend to harrass and I want to be sure that they won’t turn it around on me in the future. That is NOT DICTATING ANYTHING. Why do you think people hire lawyers for this stuff.
      By asking them to report it settled that’s not asking much. That’s merely proof that it is paid, u idiot. LOL

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