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      mary summers

      These are the closing costs the escrow/title & lender companies are charging me. I’m fine with lender’s fee. But seller chose title & escrow companies and fees looks very high to me. Can somebody comment on these fees are reasonable? If these fees are not normal, I hope I can negotiate some of these fees. I’m trying to buy our first home. I’m not sure about the normal escrow/tiles fees.


      sale ~675K, loan amount is ~420K.


      ALTA loan policy + Endorsements==> $725

      Messenger fee to title company ==> $75

      Sub Escrow fee to title company ==> $65

      Wire fee to title company ==> $50

      Recording grant deed==> $50

      Recording trust deed==> $100


      Escrow fee==> $1365

      Loan tie in==> $200

      processing fee==> $160

      email doc fee==> $100

      notary fee==> $200

      messenger overnight fee==> $75

      wire fee==> $50

      archiving fee==> $50


      origination==> $2100

      appraisal==> $475

      govt recording==> $175


      Total $6000 thanks in advance.


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