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      I am deluged with offers for both cards and want to pull the trigger and see what happens. Any opinions of which card is better to have? I am liking the 40,000 bonus points of the southwest card offer and I like the $200 cash back after first purhcase of the Freedom card.


      Current Info: 756 Experian (thru Experian)

      ********************** 696 Equfax Fico

      ********************** 676 Transunion Fico

      — Overall Credit Util a bit high at 40-50% (just becuase I contantly use my card)

      — One Baddie, $450.00 unpaid medical collection from 5 yrs ago. ONLY shows up on EQ & TU (Have tried to PFD with no luck)

      — One open credit card account (8 yrs old, $1500.00 credit limit/ $700.00 balance)

      — One recently closed credit card account (14 yrs old 2000.00 limit / $400.00 balance)

      Zero inquiries


      Do I have a chance with either of these or are they out of reach at this time according to my numbers?? hate to burn my first inquiry if the general opinion is not favorable.


      ALSO —- would a Bof A rewards card or CITI be the same type of thing?? I receive offers for AMEX GOLD card every few weeks as well but I guess i am a bit trigger shy —- ANY comments would be useful and very appreciated , thanks!!

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