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      I just received a credit alert and pulled a copy of my transunion credit report.* I did a pay for delete with a particular collection agency.* I have waited weeks for them to move on this.* I even contacted the original medical facility numerous times to get them involved in getting the collection agency to remove it.* The girl at the doctor’s office said they work for them and it should be no problem getting them to move on this.* Well, low and behold it shows as a chargeoff with a zero balance.* I have a letter stating they are to expunge the account.
      I am calling the medical facility again on Monday to have them contact the collection agency once again.* What is a reasonable amount of time to wait to have this account deleted?* We want to refinance our home and this has been holding us up for weeks now.* Can an immediate deletion take place?* Can the medical facility call Transunion directly to get this done or do they still have to deal with this collection agency?*

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