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    I am looking around a house to purchase and I was working with real estate agent with whom I have not signed any Buyer’s representation contract. I am not happy with his services, so far he has been just door opener for me for some of the old built construction. I am thinking about getting rid of him and hire a new agent. I have put his name on some of the new construction visits to the builder’s model home. After I tell him that I no longer need his services and in coming months if I were to go back to one of the builders and buy a house which I have his name on, can I convince the builder to remove his name and add a new agent’s information so the new person can get the commission?
    Are there any legal implications I need to consider because of the visiting card I earlier signed with Builder stating that person is my agent. Can the previous agent really come to* me or the builder to claim the commission? Are there any legal complications I need to be aware of?
    He has not found any of the new or old properties we have seen so far..

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