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    I’m pretty sure this is the best travel card for what fits my travel style: Multiple airlines, multiple hotels.*


    I know you need “excellent credit”, and according to their explanation of that, I’m fine. But I wanted to get some comparisons of other’s profiles to see if I should bother applying.


    Here are the major things for me, as of today’s reports:


    AAoA: ~6 years (according to TU)

    Oldest Account: 11 years

    INQ: EX-7, EQ-4, TU-2*

    New accounts:*

    NFCU Platinum: 3/11, 5k limit, but was raised to 15k this month, won’t update CRA until about 7/10/11…

    Amex Blue Cash Preferred: 5/11, 11.5k limit.

    TowneBank secured 6-month note: 3/11, 17k. Interest only installment loan ($89/mo).*


    No collections, last baddie was 4.5 years ago (30day late student loan)

    One 60 day late, from a co-signed account 6 years ago.


    Utilization is around 7%, before you count my 10k CLI from NFCU.


    Other Notable Revolving Accounts:

    Wells Fargo Platinum: 6.5k limit, 4.5 years old.

    Chase Platinum: 2k limit. 3.5 years old.


    HHI: 120K


    Also, I have a 10 year old Capital One Platinum account. Was $700CL for the longest time, and for most of that period I carried a near max balance. I paid it down last fall, and in December, I got a 3k CLI. So I now have a 3.7k Capital one card that I have been using to max and paying down to 9% for the last 6 months.*


    So, should I pull the trigger? Should I wait for NFCU to update the CL? Should I try improving my scores? (see sig)


    I have a second BMWFS account that will probably start reporting soon…first payment is in July. Thought it might be good to app before it reports.

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