Can you help me with my credit score disaster?

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      My credit score is in the 400’s and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve heard of these “credit rebuilding places” where you make one monthly payment to them and they send the money where it needs to go to help you. Does anyone know the name of a place like this, or can share an experience with me if you’ve tried it?

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      I have been hearing a lot about these credit assistance company, and how they have actually helped people fix their credit score and clear their debts too, although I was a bit skeptical about trying them because of the fear of scammers, but then again my credit score was at 315, and I didn’t have anything to lose and so I gave them a try, I was shocking enough that in less than a week they improved my credit score to 680 and since then it has been going up, right now im on 780, they also cleared my debts too, and they also taughtme how to keep my credit score up too, so why not give them a try rather than waste time and watch your credit go bad the more, you can email them at [email protected], and they would get right with you, thank me later

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