Can you get cashback on a credit card?

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      OK so money is REALLY low right now, and I had a thought of going into a shop and buying some random thing so I can get cashback from it.

      But…. there is basically sod all in my current account til payday so I can’t use my debit card, but what about my credit card? Can I get cashback with that too? I’ve never tried with that before. Thanks
      OK thanks guys… the thing is I’m too scared to try withdrawing from a cashpoint cos the last time I tried that it swallowed the bloody thing and I had to wait another week for a new one! :S

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      No darling but you can withdraw it from a cash machine but the interest will kick in straight away.

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      you can get cash back from a machine but they charge you 3 pounds

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      i don’t know i don’t have one

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      No, you cant get cash back on your credit card, but you should be able to get a cash advance.
      You should be able to use it in a cash machine (you should have been given a PIN) but you will be charged a fee.

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      No you can only get cash back on a debit card. But i do believe there are cash advances you can get.

      To help you out i suggest you seek another source of income like bartending.

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      Yes there’s usually a cash limit included with your credit card feature. If you look at your statement, usually where it lists your credit card limit you’ll see a part that says something like “Cash availability or cash limit”
      You just withdraw the cash from an ATM with your PIN just like a debit card.

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      No, you can only get cashback with your debit card. Don’t even try using your credit card in a ATM to withdraw cash, unless you want to pay interest from the date of the withdrawal!

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      Cant get CASH BACK can withdraw from a CASH POINT but they charge the earth for it

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      yes,, ,but only from cash machines, but they,l charge u a fortune in interest, best only done in a emergency

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      no you cannot.

      However, you might be allowed to withdraw cash from the ATM even if you are not too keen on doing so. (there are some fees though – Not all credit cards companies allow cash withdrawal)

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