Can someone please explain platinum mastercards to me?!?

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      I was just wondering what is the difference between a platinum mastercard from the company itself and a platinum mastercard by all those other banks like, orchard bank , first premiere or capital one??? which is better? the platinum mastercard by the company or those banks or am i insane

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      There are no credit cards “from the company itself.” Mastercard (and Visa) run the card-processing networks. The cards are all issued by banks who partner with Mastercard/Visa.

      “Platinum” is just a marketing gimmick of the banks.

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      The designation of different “colored” MasterCard’s are largely marketing ploys.

      Such designations are virtually meaningless and what might be “platinum” level at one company would be completely different at another.

      You would need to review the specific terms and conditions of each card to compare it to another and not rely on any other information.

      More importantly, and ideally, credit card balances would be paid off every month and you would not carry any balance. This would largely negate any perceived differences of most credit cards.

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