Can my employer pay on top of what I get for short-term disability?

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    Last week I had an emergency appendectomy and missed 4 days of work. I am covered by short-term disability, but do not want to take a pay cut. The short-term disability would pay 60% of my pay, but is capped at an amount below 50% of my weekly pay.

    My goal is to not take a pay cut, and the one sure way of doing this is to use 4 of my vacation days (I only get 10) for the missed days. However, if I file for short-term disability, can my company make up the difference in pay by using 1-2 of my vacation days? The HR manager is waiting a call back from our insurance agent regarding this, but I thought I might get a quicker answer here.

    The surgeon wrote me an excuse note through Wednesday, but said I could return earlier. I am currently back at work, I am not feeling so hot, but don’t want to go home if it means using a partial vacation day. There’s a way to claim the short-term disability if I come back part time, which I was planning on doing, but I want to make sure that me working a full day today won’t jeopordize me from claiming short-term disability for Tues-Fri of last week.

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