Can i use my old panasonic home theater speakers on another receiver?

Tips and Deals Forums Home Insurance Can i use my old panasonic home theater speakers on another receiver?

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    i bought a panasonic home theater with built in dvd player that comes with 5.1 speakers a few years ago that costed me $ 500 which is a lot for me. the receiver broke and the warranty expired. the speakers are still in good condition and they are tower speakers. i really dont want to throw them away so can i just buy another receiver to hook up the speakers with? will those expensive receivers WITHOUT the built in dvd players like onyx, yamaha, sony work with my speakers? or should i buy a cheap used receiver that has a built in dvd player from craigslist? i really want to keep my speakers since i paid a lot for them and they are still in good condition. just want to know if my speakers can handle the high end receivers. thanks
    my old panasonic home theater costed a lot for me so i would hate to see it thrown away. dont know if this makes a difference but they are tower speakers.
    great thanks for the advice. i just went and looked at the back of my speakers and the two tower speakers are 190 w each and the rear speakers are 90 w each center speaker 320 w sub 320 w. any recommendation on receivers? thanks

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