can I transfer my credit card balance to my grandfathers card?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards can I transfer my credit card balance to my grandfathers card?

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    My husband and I are buying a house but have to pay down some of our Credit card’s first. My Husbands grandfather,like the godsend he is, suggested transferring our balances to his low interest credit card so the debt is out of our names, can this be done?

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    Yes. Your husbands grandfather just needs to contact his credit card company and say he would like to transfer the balance of yours to his. They will send a check to your card to pay it off. If that is not possible, he can always call and ask for checks for his credit card and personally write it. Usually not a big deal as long as they know it is definitely him.

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    pay your credit card off with his

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    Though it sounds good on paper this was very big a few years back and then it fizzled big time as people found their “inventory” changed almost every single day and with the advent of digital camera it is way to easy to do ones self.

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