Can I sue my private insurance company for not living up to the paying me for a on the job injury?

Tips and Deals Forums Home Insurance Can I sue my private insurance company for not living up to the paying me for a on the job injury?

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      Hello I work for the City of Los Angeles I hurt my back at work 2 years ago and I have gone thur the 2 year workers comp process ,because of other medical complications I can not recieve the treatment i need to go back to work. However as part of my benefits package we have Private Disability Insurance that has 2 plans

      Plan One: short term disability that is paid by the City of Los Angeles to pay out at 50% of the employee’s salary per month (Under the employee’s own occupation)

      Plan Two: Long Term Disability that is paid by the employee as a supplemental meaning the employee can pay the minimum of 30 dollars per month to pay out 66 2/3 of the employee’s monthly salary up to the employee’s retirement year ( Under the Any occupation )

      The Disability Insurance is only available if there is a work related injury , the City of Los Angeles Had their doctors examine me , take MRI’s etc…. and placed me off work due to a ruptured disk in my back with meds,. The Private Insurance Company Denied my claim based own their doctors opinon after they looked at my doctor’s reports and the opinon of their occupation asessment dept saying i could work a supevisory position with my injury based own my work history and education. Not once has any of their doctors ever seen me let alone examine me . There is more details please email me back if you can advise me because of this outrage ( I’m in pain everyday) I am without any finances i have lost my residence and I am homeless ,I have exhausted my friends and relatives and my bills are over the top and I’m about to lose all my possessions I need money like yesturday please tell me what can I do ,I need help I do not have an attorney

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