Can I sue an apartment for reporting that I owe them money when I never lived there?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Improve Credit Can I sue an apartment for reporting that I owe them money when I never lived there?

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      My two older brothers had lived at this apartment, and they were forced to break their lease because they both lost their jobs due to the economy. Now they owe $ 4,600. I was 17 at the time they signed their lease. I did not live with them and I did not go with them to sign the lease or anything. I had nothing to do with their apartment whatsoever…the office never even met me.

      I now have to put my name on a lease for an apartment with my mom because she can’t make it on her own and these new apartments say that this $ 4,600 claim is on my credit report from my brothers apartments. I don’t know how they got my name at all. My brothers have showed me their lease and it shows they have their own names and their own social security numbers on it so I have no clue how they got it on my name. But it is reported and now my credit score is ruined before I even had a chance to put anything on it (This apartment with my mom would be the first thing I used for my credit).

      I am wondering if I could sue the apartments for reporting my name and ruining my credit? Remember, I was only 17 at the time my brothers signed their lease so wasn’t even legal to have credit. I want to sue them for like $ 10,000 to help my brothers out and so I can get a car. Do you think I have a good shot with this or is it something that they would just “wipe away from my record”? God knows they say they would do it, but it would remain there effecting my score.

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