CAN I get a refund ON A CAR I have NOT covered?

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    First of all, I am only 20 years, a single mother of a one year old and a student nurse; Do not insult my intelligence! I am looking for a loophole LOOKING FOR! My father recently son woke up and decided that he did not have a father or boyfriend / fiance more, packaged, took everything and left. I thought, but desperately need a car now. To afraid to get something off-of and can not afford to go in a garage “real” for now. (I pay out of pocket for the school). My credit is perfect income, but can be a full-time student. I decided to swallow my pride and go to a buy here pay here lot, because a family friend who works there. Felt I could trust him a little more with a familiar face. The car I’m looking for funding and could get a 2006 Pontiac G6 was. The car was priced at $ 5,999. As a first time buyer a great merit as a student, rebates bring the price to about 4031st The payment was made under $ 2,000, asking $ 1,445 in hand, and I had the game with the verbal promise that I accepted when picking up the rest of the car. Test drove the car before he has money, and he ran a lot, no light, smooth fine oil, no leaks, all functions are working (base model). I was ready to go. I could not drive the new car and my uncle car at the same time, so I decided to do all the papers the next day when I was able to get that proof of insurance and a second driver. But left the money to make sure the car has not been sold and would be ready for me when I arrived. The only thing was that I signed my receipt for the deposit of $ 1445th The next day, when I wanted to get the car, everything was wrong! Check engine light on, put the gears hard, trunk, mirrors stranded passengers to check your radio message. I left the field with the car for more than a test drive. I did not sign a contract. The game will not return my money. They offered to fix it, I agreed and had to write on my receipt still no signed contract. They will not refund my money, yet they have not even begun to repair the car. The problem is, they have a sign “no refund on deposit.” It was not a problem because the car was in perfect condition to be checked. They tried to sell me another car, but I did not like it. The other cars that I liked, I could not afford it. Stuck in the rocks. It was a whole week now and still no car, no work is performed on the vehicle. It works very well if an agreement was negotiated, but now it is safe. I have a child and not my children in danger with this vehicle. My bed, reception, non-refundable deposit of Pontiac G6 sold in the STATUS (as would be the condition of the car, if the deposit was put down to be) set TRANSMISSION detail (added after the return of the collection). I also had to add to the guarantee agreement, but the contract was never signed or to be printed because the insurance is not proven due process later in the day made (6.15) Is there not a law that they can not sell me a car the work (similar)? Am I entitled to a refund, as I have signed anything yet, and I’m not a car show for the deposit? I do not think signing a contract, have only a receipt for my deposit of $ 1445, I did not take possession of the car, or any other car. I am looking for a loophole to get my money. I am aware of the lemon law GA, but I can not find on new cars …..

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