can anybody give me advice on how to repair my credit and raise my score?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Credit Repair can anybody give me advice on how to repair my credit and raise my score?


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      I am trying to repair my bad credit so that i can raise my score to buy a house. I have gotten a credit report and the main problems i have are unpaid medical bills, a judgement and a student loan. I have never had credit card so i dont have any of those problems. what i want to know is what is the best way to handle this and would it be a good idea to hire a credit repair agency. i was told by one person that they could repair my credit for $200 and $50 a month. I also have things that are over 7 yrs old how can i get these removed some were even relisted on my credit report after the 7yrs can they do that?

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      You will still have to pay them off. It’s 7 years from last activity date, which could be a simple connected phone call, or them selling it to an agency.

      Don’t pay $50 per month. They can’t repair your credit magically. You have to pay it off.

      Go to They will combine everything into one low payment for $30 per month. You can do everything online.

      Then you will need to get a credit card, even if it’s like $100. Never let it go more than 30% of the limit, and pay it off every month.

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      get a credit card make some purchases and then just make the minimum monthly payments that worked for me

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