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      Hi everyone. My husband and I have been searching for that perfect apartment in California for quite some time and we finally came across one for a good price. The landlord mentioned that they would require us to obtain our own renters insurance, which I understand is a good idea to have….BUT….she said once this is done, she wants us to add her husband (the owner) onto our policy….??? Does this sound like something a landlord would normally ask it’s tenants to do? Another issue she mentioned, is that if something were to go wrong inside the condo (i.e. clogged shower/sink/toilet, broken kitchen stove, or leak under the sink) they would charge us a “deductible” ranging starting at $ 55.00 or possibly more in order to fix the problem ourselves. Is this acceptable? I could undertand paying for something that was our fault (such as my child throwing a toy down the toilet or something and clogging it up)….

      PLUS, they also refused to shampoo the carpets unless we wanted to shampoo them before we left in the future! I thought that’s what you’re security deposit was partially for…to clean/shampoo the carpets after you move out! AND it was like pulling teeth to get her to fix a wall in the living room which had lots of large holes and black scratches leftover from the previous tenants. Finally she agreed, but was quick to advise that they would not repaint or clean any of the other walls with marks on them. I’ve always moved into new apartments that have been professionally cleaned prior to move in…it just seems “right”.

      Anyway, beside these issues, the condo is the best one we’ve come across and I’d hate to pass up this opportunity because I have these feelings about the landlord..are these feelings I have legitimate? Does anyone else feel that some of their stipulations are unfair and/or illegal? Or are these requirements normally seen in certain lease agreements? Thanks for any advice.

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