Can 2 CA’s report on the same debt?

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      Hello all,


      I have been working hard to rebuild my credit.* When I started in 2006, I had over $15K in*charged off*debt, and the first time I saw my score, it was 401 (EQ).* I have paid all of that off in the last 5 years, and I have built a good history with the cards/loans that I have now.* I have 4 small CO’s (newer) 3 are medical which I know I can have those removed per the HIPAA process once paid.* The last one is for Penn Foster.* I signed up for their medical coding class but they never shipped materials (even after several phone calls I never received anything).* They originally sent me to*collections for $1042 but I after writing a “nice” letter, they reduced the amount due to $213.* The first collection agency was ACC in 2008, and then sold to USCB in 2010.* Is it ok for both CA’s to report on the same debt?*The debt remains unpaid.* At one point, I was going back -n-forth because I honestly don’t think I owe them at all, but they(Penn Foster) won’t budge.* I would like to offer a PFD to the 2nd CA, USCB but if they agree how would I go about getting ACC to remove their entry?* Both of these entries are not set to fall of until 2015.* Thanks in advance for replies. :smileysad:

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