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    This is the second time this has happened to me. I have an old repo that keeps re appearing. It is past SOL in Florida, but it is still re appearing. Last year TU reported it and when I contested it they removed it.*Now, EX is reporting it.* I receive quarterly reports from TU and EQ, but for EX I only get my annual credit reort.**How can the CA still get away with this??? Will this happen every year for the rest of my life???

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    Your credit score won’t be affected much by the consolidation so long as all payments remain up to date. All that will happen is a new loan will appear on the bureau, and your used and available credit will drop, which has a negligible impact on your credit score. If you apply at several institutions, that will decrease your credit score, however with a decent FICO score like yours, you shouldn’t have a problem obtaining a good loan from your first choice. Good luck!

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