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    Sony HT-SS380
    *Has a Blu Ray player that I won’t need(have a PS3)
    *I read some review saying that it sounds cheap
    *Looks good
    *Works well with my BRAVIA and PS3.
    *Amazon reviews give it overall 3.5/5

    Onkyo HT-S3400
    *Don’t like the design
    *Doesn’t work as smooth as Bravia-Sync products
    *Heard its a good brand
    *Heard its worth the money
    *Amazon reviews give it overall 4.5/5

    If the sony isn’t the best option, do you know another system that Sony sells that’s better and under $350?
    I’m torn between both. I want the Sony because I have a ps3 and a BRAVIA TV and I’d love for everything to just “work” together. I have heard, however, that Onkyo is a good brand. If you guys could help me, It would mean a lot.

    Also if you could tell me how i’d have to hook it up to 1 HDTV and 1 PS3, that’d be great too. Thanks so much.

    Also, what do you guys think of headsets that supposedly give you 7.1/5.1 surround sound. I’ve seen one that costs ~$300(Astros A40). Are headsets any good or are systems much better?

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